Skald was a magazine that appeared in print twice a year from 1994 to 2007, publishing poetry and prose in Welsh and English with visual artworks. The editors (Zoë Skoulding 1994-2007 and Ian Davidson 2002-2007) aimed to publish a broad range of writing, including the innovative and experimental, and were interested in the connections and differences between the local and the international and the visual and the verbal. Many issues also featured reviews and notices of books received.

In 2008 its focus changed, and it will now be publishing a small number of single author pamphlets each year but is not, at present, accepting unsolicited manuscripts. The editors are Ian Davidson, Zoë Skoulding and Kelvin Corcoran.

Skald are pleased to announce the publication of the first in their new pamphlet series, Ralph Hawkins' The Size of A Human Dawn. Further details can be found here.